How To Import Contacts To Your Hotmail Digital Contact Book?

Hotmail is the most preferred mailing platform, that is used by millions of users to perform their emailing activities efficiently. Hotmail users can operate their business online and stay connected with their clients via Hotmail business account. To access premium business tools, Hotmail users should subscribe to paid services of Hotmail. Hotmail customers can connect with the Hotmail Support Australia Number team to instantly report about the troubles they face in using the Hotmail services.

Hotmail users can store their contact lists on their Hotmail digital contact book and access them by logging in to Hotmail account, whenever they want to establish communication with their contacts. You can use Hotmail contact book to store your thousands of contact details securely. To instantly import contacts to your Hotmail digital contact book, follow the steps mentioned below in the article or you can get guidance from the Hotmail support team.

Procedure to import contacts to your Hotmail digital contact book:

  1. Login to your Hotmail account by visiting the Hotmail login page through your browser.
  2. Now in your Hotmail account main tab, click on the people icon from your toolbar.
  3. You will be taken to your Contact book, here you will find an import option.
  4. Click on the Import option, you get a dialog box where you click on the browse option and select the CSV file that contains your contact list.
  5. Now click on the save button on your dialog box to add your contact list successfully to your Hotmail digital contact book.
  6. Just go to your contact list and check for the contacts that you added.

If your Hotmail account is blocked or you are facing any kind of difficulty in accessing your Hotmail, please feel free to get help from Hotmail support agents. Hotmail help team always assists its users by providing the step-by-step solution to resolve the issues associated with Hotmail account. To immediately talk with Hotmail support agents, you can make use of Contact Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number. You can also send your reports to Hotmail virtual assistant through the Hotmail web chat feature.


How To Import Contacts To Your Hotmail Digital Contact Book?

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