How To Download Documents From My Hotmail Account?

Hotmail is the free webmail service provider platform developed by Microsoft. Hotmail has become the most preferred mailing medium because it is extremely secured and loaded with lots of privacy settings tools. Premium Hotmail version provides its users to access lots of advanced mailing tools, prioritized customer support, and extra storage space in the Hotmail cloud. If you want to amplify the features of your Hotmail account then you can switch to the Hotmail premium version at any time.

Hotmail lets its users attach documents along with their emails, users can easily attach documents up to 25MB directly with their mails. To send documents size exceeding more than 25MB you must upload them to OneDrive only then you will be able to share them through your Hotmail account. Some users are experiencing difficulties in downloading documents that they have received on their Hotmail inbox. If you are facing the same trouble ping us through Hotmail Customer Service Number and get instant guidance in fixing this issue.

Hotmail users can fix their Hotmail account by following the procedure mentioned in the below article if they are unable to download the documents received in their inbox.

Follow these methods to quickly fix your Hotmail account if you are facing difficulties in accessing the documents:

  1. Check your network connection, you will experience this issue if you are not connected to the stable network please connect with the stable network then try downloading your documents.
  2. Sometimes your system’s antivirus software may block you from accessing the documents you received on your Hotmail inbox, disable your system’s antivirus for some time.
  3. Your browser’s add-ons and extensions may restrict you from downloading your documents please disable or remove your browser extensions.
  4. Check your system’s storage space you will be unable to download documents If your system is running out of storage space, free up some space then try accessing your documents.
  5. You will face this issue if your browser page is not loaded properly so try reloading your page.

If the above-mentioned methods doesn’t work then get help from Hotmail Technical Support Australia Number through any Hotmail support channel that is convenient for you.

How To Download Documents From My Hotmail Account?

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