How To Create And Store Notes On Your Hotmail Account?

Hotmail is an outstanding platform for exchanging all your confidential emails with your connections over the internet. Hotmail is providing excellent mailing services to billions of people from decades. Hotmail compose window is well organized with text editing tools, user can easily make use of these tools to compose your emails conveniently. Hotmail users can arrange their email on the Hotmail cloud professionally using the Hotmail toolbar. Hotmail is also loaded with an AI tool, users can utilize the AI tool for managing their meetings and bookings easily by reminding them about their schedules. Just ping us via Hotmail Customer Service Care Number to get guidance from experts in fixing any kind of queries related to Hotmail services.

Hotmail is built with a note-making tool, you can access this tool to create notes and summarize the created notes whenever you require it. In the below write-up you can find the instructions to create and store notes on your Hotmail account or connect with the Hotmail helpdesk to get help in using the note-making tool.

Procedure to create and store notes on your Hotmail account:

  1. Open the browser of your choice and browse for the Hotmail login page.
  2. Access your Hotmail account by entering your Hotmail account details correctly on the text box provided.
  3. Once you get access to your Hotmail account, click on the Note tool from your Hotmail toolbar.
  4. Now you will get the Note creating tool panel on your screen, to create new notes tap on the Add notes option.
  5. A note composing window appears, you can also insert images on your notes.
  6. Type the note on the compose box, the typed information will be automatically saved in the cloud, you don’t need to save your notes manually.
  7. Go back from the compose window, when you complete your notes by clicking the left arrow button.
  8. Now will find the notes you created on your Hotmail note-making tool.

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How To Create And Store Notes On Your Hotmail Account?

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