How Do I Troubleshoot The Outlook Connectivity Issue?

Outlook is the personal information management tool developed by Microsoft Inc. Outlook offers advanced mailing features provides the best mailing experience for users. Outlook provides free and premium services for its users. Outlook basic version is loaded with basic mailing and productivity tools, if you want to enhance the features of your Outlook account then switch to Outlook premium service. Outlook premium version provides advanced features for performing your business email communication activities. Outlook premium version offers enhanced cloud, customized email address, storage space, advanced security tools, and prioritized customer support. Outlook users can use their Outlook account to handle other third-party applications. You can easily integrate Outlook account with Word, PowerPoint, as well as Excel.

Outlook helps you to manage your emails, contacts, calendars, and other productivity tasks. If you are accessing your Outlook account via the Outlook windows application you may face connectivity issues due to some minor configuration issues. If you want to quickly troubleshoot this issue then please do follow the steps given in the below article or get technical support from Outlook Technical Support Australia.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the Outlook connectivity issue:

  1. Close Outlook application from your system.
  2. Click on the Windows button an options bar appears, search for the control panel.
  3. Open the Control Panel, find the Outlook icon from your Control Panel, and click on it.
  4. A window appears on your screen, go to the Data files tab and click on the open file location.
  5. Now you will find the location of a file, if your file has the extension .ost, rename it to .OLD.
  6. Close the Control Panel and open your Outlook application.

If you are still noticing the same issue then connect with Outlook support agents for further guidance. Outlook provides multiple support channels such as Outlook Customer Service Care Number, support chat feature, and support mail. Outlook users can instantly connect with support agents at any time via any support channel of their choice.

How Do I Troubleshoot The Outlook Connectivity Issue?

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