How Do I Enable The Account Security Key On My Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is a web-based mailing platform enabled with lots of advanced mailing features. Yahoo is integrated with many advanced and user-friendly productivity tools; users can utilize these to customize their email activities. Yahoo is built with a spam protection tool; this tool provides excellent security to your Yahoo mailbox by blocking the fake email. To know more about the features of the Yahoo android application, you can get in touch with the Yahoo customer care team through Yahoo Support Australia Number.

Yahoo users can also access their Yahoo account without entering their password by enabling Yahoo account security key. By enabling this feature on your Yahoo account, you can access your Yahoo account just by one click on the notification you receive on your mobile phone. You can quickly activate this feature on your Yahoo account by following the steps mentioned in the below write-up or you can also get assistance from the Yahoo customer guide team.

Steps to quickly enable account security key on your Yahoo account:

  • Access your Yahoo account by visiting the Yahoo login page from the browser of your choice.
  • On your Yahoo mailbox page click on the profile icon, a small window appears under your profile.
  • Select the Account management option and access your Yahoo account settings tools.
  • Click on the Security option from the left panel of your screen, now you will be asked to enter your username and password only then you can make changes to your Yahoo account security settings.
  • Before trying to activating this feature make sure that you have logged into your Yahoo account on your mobile phone, if not please do login.
  • You will find secure your account with the Yahoo Account key option on your screen, click on the see how it works button under it.
  • Now you will get to see the mobile devices on which all you have logged in to your Yahoo account, choose the account on which you want to receive the Yahoo account key.
  • Click on send me a notification, then you will receive a Yahoo notification on your mobile phone click on the green tick to confirm your identity.
  • Now click on ‘Always use Yahoo Account key’ and confirm your phone number.
  • You will receive an email from Yahoo which says that you have successfully activated the Yahoo account key feature.

If you are unable to receive a Yahoo login notification on the device you selected please get in touch with Yahoo Support Number and get help in fixing your issue.

How Do I Enable The Account Security Key On My Yahoo Account?

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