How Do I Delete The Passwords Saved In The Google Password Manager?

Google is a well-known multinational technology company that is specialized in developing Internet-related services and productivity applications. In today’s digitalized world Google applications have become an integral part of our lives. We usually depend on Google applications to manage our daily productivity tasks with ease. You can easily download Google applications from Google Play Store or you can directly access them via your browser. Google is also offering business management tools to its users. You can access these tools by subscribing to Google premium services. To know more about the premium services offered by Google contact the Google customer care team through Google Customer Care Number.

Google account users can securely store their confidential data such as passwords, banking details, pictures, and documents in the Google cloud. You can save all your passwords securely on Google password manager and update or delete them whenever you want. If you want to know the procedure to quickly delete the passwords stored in the Google Password Manager, then kindly go through the steps mentioned in the below article.

Follow these steps to quickly delete the passwords saved in Google Password Manager:

  1. Open Google Chrome from your device and visit the Google account login page.
  2. Access your Google account by entering your Google account login credentials correctly.
  3. Your Google account home page appears on your browser screen, select the Security option from the side pane.
  4. Under the Security page you’ll find the Password Manager option, click on the arrow icon next to it.
  5. Now you can find all the apps and sites whose account password is saved in your Google account password manager.
  6. Click on the application that you wish to delete from Google password manager.
  7. Enter your Google account password once again and confirm your identity.
  8. Now click on the trash box icon to delete the password saved in your Google account password manager.

In case if you’re facing any kind of technical errors when you try to update or delete the passwords stored in your Google account password manager, we request you to immediately contact Google Technical Support Australia. Our tech experts help you in fixing all your issues instantly.

How Do I Delete The Passwords Saved In The Google Password Manager?

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