How Do I Activate Ad Personalization On My Google Account?

Google has become an essential part of everyone’s life as you can access endless services and features with the help of a Google account. Google offers most of its services for free for users and Google never ask for any amount to provide services as Google works on the advertising model and in this day and age, people are no longer stranger to see ads popping up on their account. Sometimes we think about how we are getting these ads and that made us frustrated when the ad is no relevant and nothing to do with our interest. SO what is the solution here, personalization has become the most essential feature in the world where everyone is flooded digitally with ads.

Google is the leader in providing digital services and understands the responsibility of keeping their users’ requirements in mind and provide them tailor-made services. Google is setting an example by making things transparent in how personal data is used. With the help of Google Ad Settings, you can now control the way your data is used for ads in all Google services like YouTube, Google Chrome, Gmail, and many others.

If you also want to activate Ad personalization on your Google account as you are not comfortable with Google using your data and tailoring your ads and make it more specific to you then connect Google Customer Service Care Number and get instant guidance in applying the required changes.

Google users can also control the ads on their Google account by following the steps mentioned below in the article:

  1. First, go to your Google account and move to the left side of the navigation panel.
  2. Click on the Data & Personalization option.
  3. Now go to the ad setting on the Ad personalization panel.
  4. Now activate the button if it is not turned on.
  5. Select your personal info or interests under the option “how your ads are personalized.

You can personalize your ad interests by following the aforementioned steps in the article.


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How Do I Activate Ad Personalization On My Google Account?

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