Guide To Enable POP Access On Your Outlook Account

Outlook is a web-based personal information manager application used by billions of users to manage their email communication activities and other productivity tasks. Outlook is loaded with advanced mailing features that are essential for us to manage our personal and professional email communication tasks with ease. You can utilize Outlook calendaring tool to mark your important events and appointments. Outlook users can customize their Outlook account privacy and security by utilizing preloaded privacy settings tools. In case if you’re experiencing any kind of technical errors when you try to make any changes in your Outlook account settings and if you don’t how to resolve them then contact Outlook Technical Support Australia to seek assistance.

Outlook supports POP and IMAP access by enabling these features you can easily access your Outlook account from any other third-party mailing applications. To enable POP access on your Outlook account simply follow the steps given in the below article.

By following these instructions you can quickly enable POP access on your Outlook account:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser and visit
  2. Now click on the Sign-in button, you’ll be directed to the Outlook account login page.
  3. Enter your Outlook account login credentials correctly and access your Outlook account.
  4. Click on the cog icon from the top-right corner of your screen, an options bar appears on your screen select ‘View all settings option’.
  5. You’ll be redirected to the Outlook settings page, here click on the Mail tab.
  6. Select the Mail sync option, hereunder POP and IMAP you’ll find POP options.
  7. Check on the radio button, yes to enable POP access.
  8. Now click on the Save button, to save the changes you made on your Outlook account settings.

For all your queries contact our customer support agents via Outlook Customer Care Number. Our experts are present 24/7 365 days to assist you, please feel free to call them.

Guide To Enable POP Access On Your Outlook Account

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