Change the Notification Settings Of Your Facebook Page

Are you trying to change the notifications settings of your Facebook page? Then you need not worry as you have found the right blog. But if you have related queries then feel free to get in touch with the Facebook Customer Service Number Australia. And the experts will be right there to help solve the concerning issues within no time, as they are available and capable to do so.

Follow the steps mentioned below as instructed to change the notifications settings for a Facebook page:

  • First of all, from your ‘News Feed’ section, you need to click on the ‘Pages’ in the left menu.
  • And now you got to select the Page that you would like to change the notification settings for.
  • Next, you will have to click on the Settings which are at the top of your Page.
  • You will now have to click on the Notifications option it is in the left column.
  • After that, you need to go ahead and edit your notification settings.

Note: and if you want you could also see all the notifications by giving a click on the ‘Notifications’ tab it is at the top of the Page. And from here, you can choose to mark all the notifications as read by clicking on the ‘Mark All as Read’

Now if you have turned on Notifications in your Page settings and you are still not able to receive any notifications, this might cause your turn off notifications on your device. You should try and tap ‘Settings > Notifications’ on your mobile device and then you got to make sure that your notifications for Facebook have been turned on.

Once you have finished going through the given steps then you should be able to get the desired done accordingly. And if in case you encounter some sort of issues then you just got to Contact Facebook Support Number without any hesitation. You will then immediately be assisted by the most skilled and committed technicians and they will help you with further instructions and make sure that you have the issues resolved.

Change the Notification Settings Of Your Facebook Page

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